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Features Yeast for homebrewing

The Number of the Yeast

Proudly standing at the ‘intersection of science, education and craft’ White Labs are pushing boundaries to set new standards within the art of fermentation. They recently launched new low alcohol strain yeast in homebrew sizes so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reach out to them for this, our small beer issue.

Brewery Spotlight The Wild Beer Co

The Wild Beer Co

Wild Beer Co are on a mission to change our perception of beer with exciting, complex, wild brews. Founded in October 2012 by Andrew Cooper and Brett Ellis, Wild Beer Co produce their boundary-pushing beer from their farmhouse brewery, idyllically set amongst the rolling Somerset hills, giving them a unique terroir.

Brewery Spotlight Small Beer Brew Co

Small Beer Brew Co

With young families to look after and long days of work to conquer Felix James and James Grundy couldn’t be doing with hangovers. But they still wanted to kick back with a decent brew at the end of the day. While they appreciated their downtime, you should know that these aren’t two guys who sit around moaning. Their frustration at the lack of consistently good and widely available lower strength beers gave them an awesome vision for a whole new movement within the world of beer.

Brewery Spotlight wasted apple craft cider

Wasted Apple Craft Cider

Based in St Austell, Wasted Apple make handcrafted traditional Cornish cider and award winning apple juice. You get a sweet double whammy with Wasted Apple cider: the exceptionally good end product, including their fantastic ‘Heritage’ range made from Cornish varieties of cider apples; and then there’s the environmental benefit.

Features Paults Malts

Pauls Malts: Master Maltsers since Early Times

by Lawrence Plant. “From sending our delivery boats to rescue British troops from Dunkirk in 1940 to supplying homebrewers with malt in 2020, Pauls Malts have a rich and solid history as a British producer. “

Features whirlpooling homebrewing

Whirlpooling technique for homebrewing

Commercial breweries use whirlpooling as an important process in beer production. Essentially, whirlpooling separates hops and trub from wort after the wort boil. But homebrewers can use whirlpools just like the big guys. It’s an easy process to include in your brew day and can greatly improve the quality of your beers. If you have a spoon, you can whirlpool!


Beers that are hot in Oz

Proving their weight as more than a fad, fruited sour beers have started to get a firm foothold in the Australian beer market.

Features Dad & Dave's Brewing

Down Under with Dad & Dave’s Brewing

The beer scene in Australia has come a long way since the days of mainstream watery lager. Discerning Aussies certainly would give a XXXX for anything else. Something with a hell of a lot more taste and soul. Thankfully, much like in the UK, the craft beer scene in Oz is super interesting and Australia is now home to around 700 small, independent, passionate craft breweries, brew pubs and contract brewers. All supported by a strong community of craft beer lovers.

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